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Anita Gridley
Dialect student
"I just wanted to let you know I received a fabulous compliment on my New York accent. Tonight, after the play, a man came up to me and said, "Hi. Are you from New York? I'm from New York!!!" I said, "Er... no... I'm from California." Everyone liked the play, but that was a fabulous compliment!!!

Ruobei Tang
Accent Reduction Student

I was born and raised in China. I made up my mind to come to the US when I was 14. At that time, I couldnít even pronounce all 26 alphabets correctly. But I was really determined; I worked very hard to learn English and I had chance to talk to lots of native English speakers. When I first came to the US I have been told that I spoke standard American English with little or no accent, and I thought so too till I came to study with Deborah Sale Butler.

Before I met Deborah, I was turned down a couple of auditions because I "had not enough Chinese accents". Meanwhile, my agent suggested that I take an accent reduction class. I was really confused. But Deborah helped me to solve that puzzle. At the first class with Deborah, she handed me a sheet of paper and asked me to read each and every single words on it, just like a regular English class excise in middle school. I did it without any difficulties. When I was done, Deborah handed me another sheet of paper with same prints on it, except, some of the words were circled and some marked with a red pen. I had to admit, Deborah has very sharp hearing, those marked with red pen were the one she can hear the difference from the REAL standard American English. After she pointed those out, it was easy-tons of hard practice, under Deborahís guidance of course.

By the time I was done with the class I did speak with little or no accent. But thatís not all I got from this class; it was an accent reduction class, however, in addition to get rid of my accent, I had also learned to exaggerate my Chinese accent cause I know more about where my weakness had been that were a dead give-away to well trained ears.

So I believed that Deborah had given me more than what I expected from this class. Deborah also has a way to make a supposedly boring class full of fun with her great patience and sweet personality. I would highly recommend any one I know or those who are lucky enough to read this testimonial to study with her. It would indeed be one of the greatest things one would do for ones career."

Credits include Everybody Hates Chris and HSBC Worldwide Commercial.
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